There is money for college out there.

Today I got a call from one of my students with some great news. He was thrilled that he was awarded the Provost Scholarship from Stony Brook University in Long Island, New York. This particular scholarship covers the entire tuition at the university and amounts to $87,400. He lives in Bergen County, New Jersey and wants to study neuroscience. In addition, he also received $13,000 per year in scholarship funding to Binghamton University, another highly ranked school in New York. This came with an opportunity to do research as a freshman. And I can’t wait until April to hear what the other colleges he applied to will offer!

This student has a goal of becoming a neurosurgeon and he has worked hard throughout high school to create the opportunities that would help make his dreams come true. This path to his academic future started in 9th grade when he took and excelled in the most challenging classes that were available to him. There is no scripted formula for this kind of success. I always advise my clients to do what they love and to dedicate themselves to activities that interest them. This will generate information about how best to plan their academic and career paths. This student spent his summer shadowing a doctor and also became involved in local politics which is another interest he has.

He comes from a hard working family and the cost of college is a concern. College tuition will be one of the biggest financial investments that any family will make in their lifetime. That’s why it’s important to research the schools as well as the available scholarship opportunities. I know that whether he decides to go to Stony Brook or one of the private schools he applied to, he will make his dream come true!

After 20 years of helping students through the college admissions process, those calls still make me proud. When I was a high school guidance counselor for 9 years, the college admissions process was always my favorite way to help students. Over the past 12 years, I have heard many stories of success, like this one, and in the future, I want to pick up the phone and hear from others. Tell me your dreams, and together we can create a plan to put you on the best possible path.

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