Hello College bound Juniors, here are the top FIVE things you may want to start thinking about Right NOW!!!

  • Choose the right classes for next year– Your Senior year is a way to continue to show the colleges the kind of student you have become. Especially, if 9th grade was a bit rocky and you really blossomed in 10th and 11th Challenge yourself! Take a class that you thought would be tough, but you want to try it anyway. Remember college work is going to be rigorous, so challenging yourselfwill help you be and feel “college ready”.
  • Visit campuses– I encourage all my clients to visit college campuses. This is the best way to know the “feel” of the college. Most colleges require you to sign up on-line in advance for information sessions and tours. However, while you are on campus, try to take a look off the tour as well. Speak to students who you may walk past in the library or dining hall and get the real scoop. There is more to college than classes. Get a sense of the students: Are they friendly? Do they look happy? College is a huge financial investment, do your homework! WRITE IT DOWN: During your tour, write down the things you liked and disliked. Later on when you are writing your essays or making a decision, your initial thoughts about the college will come in handy.
  • Sign up for your Standardized Tests: Take the SAT/ACT–Spring SAT and ACT tests are just around the corner. Check out the registration dates and deadlines:

SAT is now offering an August test date, this is great for those students who took them in June and would like to study over the summer and retake them.Don’t forget to prepare for these exams, whether you are working with a tutor, or studying on your own, you want to be prepared. Remember there are many colleges out there that do not require standardized tests. Each year more and more colleges are deciding to become SAT optional. http://fairtest.org

  • Connect with your teachers and Guidance Counselor. You will be asking a teacher or two for a recommendation letter, as I tell my sons, “use your manners…SAY PLEASE AND THANK YOU”. Ask a teacher who can speak not only tohow well you have done in his/her course but about your character as well. Do you go the extra mile? Ask for help? Participate in class? They notice!
  • Stay organized–Organization essential to having a successful senior year. I always tell my clients, the college admissions process is like having another class in school. Start using your phone for (Not only for Instagram and Snap Chat) but keeping track of various deadlines. This is very important for now and as a future college student.

If you would like to meet with me, I would love to help you through the college admissions process. Please feel free to reach out [email protected]and we can set up an appointment!

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