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Your Personal College Coach

I provide a unique and customized academic plan that will maximize your child’s high school experience and prepare them for college admissions success. Being in the right hands can make the process a gratifying experience for your family. Hundreds of students have enhanced their college application process by relying upon my knowledge and expertise. I provide one-on-one counseling during these critical years, ensuring your child’s journey to college is a rewarding one. My services are not limited to college selection. I work with your child for the duration of the college search, applications process, and final admission decisions.

The Guide Us College Counseling Approach Will Help You By:

  • Connecting with your child and assessing their overall academic and personal profile with the purpose of promoting the personal growth and development that is essential for achieving their academic goals.
  • Clarifying and understanding your child’s passions, learning preferences and intellectual interests for composing their educational road map.
  • Developing a plan of coursework that will challenge and excite your child while familiarizing your family with resume building options
  • Designing the college application process step by step thereby, creating a straightforward, manageable and reliable experience for your child and family.
  • One-on-one individualized counseling to discuss test options, application submission strategies, extracurricular activities, summer enrichment programs and community service for best framing your child’s application.
  • Recommending experienced tutors in all subjects to improve grades and increase knowledge critical for maximizing test results.
  • Discussing college search criteria for creating a list uniquely suited to your child’s and family’s goals and preferences.
  • Utilizing advanced college planning tools and resources for helping your child explore colleges, while keeping them on task and organized.
  • Brainstorming, reviewing and editing essays with the aim of presenting your child in their best individual light.
  • Providing up-to-date research regarding individual college admission trends, profiles and statistics.
  • Distributing a monthly newsletter focusing on the latest college issues relevant to students and their families.
  • Assisting in planning for college visits, choosing recommendation providers, preparing for interviews, understanding the financial aid process, and evaluating final admission decisions.

Students with Learning Differences

As a licensed, certified guidance counselor, I have extensive experience working with students who have learning differences. Along with the student and the family, I will develop a transition plan that will identify and facilitate post-high school goals.

Throughout my career as a High School Guidance Counselor, I have sat on committees with school staff and parents, understanding how  IEPs and 504s work in the high school setting. I am able to take this knowledge and guide families as to how they will translate to college, so that your child will get continued support.

With the focus on college admissions, I will research schools, eligibility requirements, and each college’s disability access center services, and create a list of schools that fit your ideal criteria. I specialize in working with students who have ADHD-Anxiety Dyslexia and other learning differences.

Debbie Greenberg-Cinquemani, M.S. Ed – Independent College Counselor

Guide Us is more than just a service for college selection – consider me your personal COLLEGE coach, guiding you toward a successful future.

Deborah Greenberg-Cinquemani M.S Ed
Independent College Counselor
Guide Us Educational Services
Specialize w/ students w/ Learning Differences